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Ceramic Design Zen

Client: RocaKale
Year: 2004
Material: Ceramics
Process: : Slip Casting

Zen and Flow are the first series of washbasins resulting from the design collaboration with RocaKale. The first washbasin ZEN marked for the high-end and niche markets is an embodiment of all the purifying effects of water.

About Zen
Zen is designed with the belief that our havens of water the bathroom is a cleansing environment not only for our physical bodies but for our souls and mind as well.

The stress of the daily life can be washed away with the soothing sound of water in a relaxing environment that calms all our senses, sight, sound, smell and touch.

We wanted to glorify this elements that is so vital for our existence, give water a container worthy of the places it has in our lives. The natural world is visible through Zen as a piece of bark or a shell that hold the rain water gently in its belly. This combination of nature and the magic of water have developed into the Zen Washbasin for RocaKale.

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