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Tabletop Design PIC:NIC

Client: Turmak
Year: 2003
Material: ABS
Process: : Injection Moulding

The culture of picnic has always been there, but our world has changed. In an era with new needs and technologies PIC:NIC was developed as a contemporary solution for outdoor eating matching todays life and needs.

36 pieces
Plates, glasses, cutlery, all together they form a picnic set of 36 parts for six people to enjoy outdoor eating.

PIC:NIC allows you to hold a single set of 6 pieces in one hand. Eating requires good hygiene, thus surfaces are designed smooth and friendly for easy cleaning.

Value through design
PIC:NIC is not just a product. Our client Turmak is enjoying value through design.

We created new business for Turmak by entering new markets and moving up ot a higher product segment.

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